Welcome to Lischnitz De Boheme Kennel

Lischnitz De Boheme is a officially registered Kennel specialized in gun dogs.

And how it began?


                  Weimaraners have been a part of my life practically since my birth. My grandfather was one of the first owners, breeders and trainers of Weimaraners in Czechoslovakia. The last of them died when I was 14-years old and for a some time they were replaced by the German and Belgian shepherds and brindle Great Dane, which left us in the age of 6-years. Due to my stay abroad and frequent travel, I didn’t take any other next dog. After long years, however, the circumstances and the children decided and another beautiful „gray ghost“, this time in long-haired variant, became the rightful member of our family together with the Hungarian Vizsla. After him came rough-haired variant and recently two long-haired girls. So the group is done by five its‘ members, unless counted the dogs who are with us on vacation or to whom we have provided temporary home. In late 2015 I have registered Kennel under FCI, which I called Lischnitz De Boheme. The first litter was born on May 26th 2017.

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